Join Me April 20th - July 6th
Session Time: Wednesdays, 5:00p PT.
Become your own mentor a synergized community of like-hearted souls.
What You Can Expect
Module 1 - Wholeness

Connection to Essence – finding the flow

Module 2 - Patterns

Awareness of Archetypes – tracking your patterns

Module 3 - POWER

Alignment to Center – getting space + tending vulnerability

Module 4 - Polarity

Relationship to “other” – moving from either/or → both/and

Module 5 - Potential

Integration of Opposites – expanding your range of mobility

Module 6 - Wholeness 3.0

Stabilization of Essence – embodying coherence

Every module includes a Mastermind call where you will be invited to weave your insights, lessons, and wisdom into the group, creating a synergetic field of discovery- aka “sharing codes”. We will also be exploring artful inquiries that expand our view of who we are within the living system of life on Earth.

Create a map of 3 core sets of polarities at play in your system. Learn tools to effectively engage these opposing energies as fuel for your creative emergence.

EACH MODULE IS MARKED BY A UNIQUE SYMBOL REPRESENTING THE TEACHING FOR THAT SECTION. These symbols will be used as templates in the exercises for that section, and embedded into the sine wave calendar for that month.

Gnow thyself (self-gnosis) - Grow thyself

This container is designed to evolve your ability to evolve. It provides an inspired space for you to step into dedicated mentorship with yourself and become the skillful, loving guide you know yourself to be.

innovating in the art of self-growth

Set within the context of a rapidly shifting world, this course acknowledges the vital role we play as individuals growing our capacity to individuate into greater wholeness. As we dive into new frontiers of integration within the human psyche, we become partners in life’s evolutionary process, and stabilize a more harmonious world starting from within. I would be honored to learn and grow alongside you in this sacred work.

What You'll Receive!
$333.00 / mo / x3
$166.5 / mo / x6
Join Me April 20th - July 6th
Session Time: Wednesdays, 5:00p PT.
"Your evolution is the evolution of the whole. There couldn’t be a more relevant time to hone your self-development craft." - Amma Li Grace